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We accompany young women on their way to becoming a successful entrepreneur in one of the most lucrative industries of our time.


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Beautician online course we train you at home

Hand on heart: how often do you dream of your own beauty salon? An oasis of well-being for people who want to do something good for their body and soul. A special place where you can pursue your passion and make your customers happy.

But then, as always, reality catches up. You wake up in your dreary everyday office life. With a job you don't really enjoy and a boss you don't like. And as always, you ask yourself, "Will anything ever come of my dream?"

What happened if...

✓ you no longer have to do a job that doesn't fulfill you?

✓ you could earn a lot of money with your passion instead?

✓ you wake up full of anticipation every morning because you look forward to the many exciting tasks of your new life as a successful cosmetics entrepreneur?

✓ you would finally get appreciation for your work?

✓ you could now devote yourself 100% to your new mission every day: highlighting the natural beauty of people and helping them to have more self-confidence and satisfaction?

✓ you would really thrive in your dream job as a self-employed beautician?

✓ you yourself in the future didn't have to worry about money because you earn an excellent income as a self-employed beautician?

✓ you could put a smile on many people's faces every day?✓ the path to your dream life wouldn't be as long, expensive and difficult as you think have always presented?

Get started and become a successful beautician

The Spotless Academy is an online cosmetics school with which we want to create a promising perspective for ambitious young women. Women who dream of a career as a successful beautician but don't know how to manage this project in terms of time and finances.

Our online courses give you all the know-how you need to become a self-employed beautician. In it you will learn how to carry out professional treatments such as microneedling, eyelash lifting or tooth whitening on customers.

We will also show you step by step what you need to consider on your way to self-employment and how to become a successful entrepreneur.

With this smart approach, the training at the SpotlessAcademy is not only cheaper than comparable offers, which are usually in the high four-digit range. If desired, it can even be completed much faster - and with completely free time management.

➔ For you, this means that you can soon give up your old job and earn money faster with the activity you love.


Beautician training online - this is how it works:

Do you dream of realizing yourself in the cosmetics industry? Then the Spotless Academy is your first port of call for quick success. In our training program you will find various online courses that will bring you closer to the desired knowledge in the respective area.

Decide on the course of your choice or book our master package - a complete training course to become a certified beautician. You can then get started straight away and open your own cosmetics studio.

Your advantage: you learn when and where you want. Thanks to free time management, you can carry out the training alongside your job and you still have enough time for the beautiful and important things in life. You determine your own pace of learning.

You can complete your exercises in a relaxed manner with the help of friends or family. In return, you will always receive constructive feedback from us so that you can make rapid progress.

After completing the exam and issuing your beautician certificate, your big dream will finally come true: you can open your own beauty salon and finally live the life you've always dreamed of as a self-employed beautician.

Online cosmetics training – everything at a glance:

✓ Cosmetic training, consisting of online training courses, treatment videos and e-books.

✓ Videos in high-end quality (6K)

✓ Important know-how on entrepreneurship

✓ Further training documents via PDF

✓ Legally checked forms that you need for your cosmetics business

✓ easily accessible WhatsApp support

✓ 1:1 templates for your social media marketing

✓ lifelong access to all training documents

✓ all training content of the online cosmetics school was created by state-certified beauticians

Becoming a beautician – that’s why a career in the cosmetics industry is worthwhile:

The cosmetics industry has been extremely lucrative for decades. According to a study by the European Cosmetics Association, more than 2/3 of people consider cosmetics to be important for their own self-confidence - a point that largely determines how happy and content our own lives are.

As an empathetic beautician, you make people shine and make sure that they feel comfortable in their own skin - in the truest sense of the word.

You are making an important contribution to society and will always be in demand with your knowledge and sensitivity. You will learn all the necessary skills from us.

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Start your training as a beautician tomorrow

Folge deiner Berufung und verliere keine Zeit mehr, denn: Du hast nur dieses eine Leben. Starte durch und buche den Kurs deiner Wahl.

Do you want to take control of your life and turn your hobby into a career? Then take this opportunity and book the course package of your choice.

Learn in a relaxed way alongside your job with free time management and you may soon be holding your training certificate in your hands.

A certificate that opens many new doors for you and offers you lucrative earning opportunities in recommendation marketing in addition to your own cosmetics business.

Follow your calling and don't waste any more time, because: You only have this one life. Get started and book the course of your choice.


Story Stickers - GIFs

Free story stickers for your treatments so you can make your social media channels more attractive.

The eBook

In the e-book you will receive a guide to becoming self-employed. It contains valuable tips on what to look out for, how to start good marketing and where you can save.


The certificate will be sent to you by post and you can start the treatments immediately.

Excel table

You can enter your income and expenses in the Excel table so that you have an overview of all the figures.

Customer forms

The customer forms have been checked by a lawyer and can be filled out on a tablet/mobile phone. In this way you are protected and have no paperwork.


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